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Elevate Summit is for IT leaders and practitioners ready to conquer the complexities of observability with AI

  • Discover actionable strategies to streamline IT, drive proactive decision-making, and maximize observability investments
  • Explore customer stories and product demos that unveil the path to optimized visibility
  • Put into practice takeaways from technical deep dives and conquer observability once and for all

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Christina Kosmowski
Chief Executive Officer, LogicMonitor

As CEO of LogicMonitor, Christina is responsible for accelerating the company’s hypergrowth and delivering on its brand promise of helping C-level executives and their teams thrive through transformation. Christina previously served as LogicMonitor’s President, leading go-to-market strategy, R&D, customer success and operations.

Christina came to LogicMonitor from Slack, where she spent four years building and leading Customer Success and Enterprise GTM Teams. Christina also spent 15 years at Salesforce, where she oversaw functions including renewals, consulting, support and customer success.

Christina Kosmowski - Keynote speaker

Special session

Magic Johnson
Businessman and NBA legend

Having left the basketball court for the boardroom, Earvin “Magic” Johnson has successfully parlayed his skills and tenacity from the court into the business world as Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises (MJE). MJE provides high-quality products and services that focus primarily on ethnically diverse and underserved urban communities.

He continues to expand his influence through co-ownership of sports teams and franchises, and his many businesses that include: EquiTrust Life Insurance Company, and SodexoMAGIC, a food service and facilities management company.

The Lansing native is constantly evolving and has broadened his scope into infrastructure and technology. Through a joint-venture fund, Johnson is investing millions of dollars on infrastructure improvement across the United States. With his unique positioning as a businessman spanning multiple industries and generations, he aims to help companies expand and foster a positive impact domestically and globally.


Ryan Blistein

Executive Director, GTM

Vista Equity Partners

Mona Chadha

Director of Category Management

Amazon Web Services

Taggart Matthiesen

Chief Product Officer


Carol Lee

Chief Financial Officer


Ryan Worobel

Chief Information Officer


Alyene Schneidewind

Chief Performance Officer


Julie Solliday

Chief Customer Officer


Brooke Cunningham

Chief Marketing Officer


Karthik Sj

General Manager of Artificial Intelligence


John Kim

General Manager of Hybrid Observability


Ranjan Goel

VP of Product Management


Michael Tarbet

Global Vice President, Channels, MSP, GSI


Sarah Terry

Senior Director of Product Management


Patrick Rouse

Manager, Product Management


Serge Marokhovsky

Principal Product Manager, AI Ops


Sarah Luna

Senior Product Manager


Ismath Mohideen

Cloud Product Marketing Lead


Beth Winters

AIOps Product Marketing Lead


Session tracks

All sessions available on demand June 20 after live keynote



Chart your course. Gain strategic insights for navigating hybrid cloud, AI adoption, and building a winning observability case.



See it in action. Discover customer success stories, product demos, and insights for streamlined visibility.



Deep dive & conquer. Master LogicMonitor solutions and best practices for hands-on problem-solving and automation.


*Agenda is subject to change


Streamline enterprise modernization in a multi-workload world
Presented by Taggart Matthiesen and John Kim

Enterprise leaders struggle to balance innovation and transformation with the complexities of managing legacy systems. This session explores the power of hybrid platforms to address these challenges. Discover how a consolidated approach simplifies modernization, unlocks new workloads, and drives agility. Gain insights and practical strategies for navigating the hybrid cloud landscape.

Accelerate business outcomes with artificial intelligence
Presented by Karthik Sj and Ranjan Goel

Cut through the hype and discover AI’s true potential for IT operations. Learn how AI streamlines workflows, empowers teams and drives tangible business results. Explore real-world use cases of AI success and witness the future of IT with a groundbreaking announcement.

Mobilize staff and customer success with proactive incident management
Presented by Julie Solliday and Nitin Navare

Challenges are inevitable in any business. LogicMonitor empowers your teams to proactively identify and resolve potential issues before they impact staff or customers. This session reveals how LogicMonitor’s insights and collaboration tools drive operational resilience across Executive, TechOps, IT, Support, and more. Discover real-world strategies for staff and customer success.

Build a performance culture to maximize human potential in an AI world
Presented by Alyene Schneidewind and Brooke Cunningham

In the AI-driven landscape, maximizing human potential is more crucial than ever. This session equips leaders with the frameworks to future-proof their teams by developing a performance culture. Learn how to attract top talent, upskill your existing workforce, and redefine roles to unlock the full value of AI integration. Discover strategies to create a culture of continuous learning, preventing burnout while maximizing the return on your greatest investment—your people.

Make the financial case for observability
Presented by Carol Lee

Modern observability isn’t a cost; it’s a strategic investment that drives revenue, lowers risk, and optimizes resources. Getting C-suite approval is essential in the modern IT landscape. This session will equip IT leaders with strategies to develop compelling business cases for modern observability tools, demonstrating their value to CFOs, CEOs, and other key decision-makers.

Insights on AI transformation from Vista Equity Partners & LogicMonitor’s CIO
Presented by Ryan Worobel & Ryan Blitstein

As the hype around generative AI reaches a fever pitch, private equity (PE) investors and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) grapple with strategically leveraging these technologies for maximum business impact while managing risks and ensuring a solid data foundation. The session will provide frameworks and best practices for ensuring AI initiatives deliver tangible business outcomes and meet investor expectations.


How LogicMonitor and AWS deliver hybrid observability to empower cloud migration and modernization
Presented by Michael Tarbet and Mona Chadha

Join LogicMonitor and AWS for a fireside chat to discuss how our partnership successfully empowers organizations to migrate to the cloud and optimize operations in hybrid environments. Leaders will share insights into the value of our joint solutions, real-world customer use cases, and best practices for leveraging LogicMonitor’s monitoring capabilities with AWS services. The discussion will also touch on the potential of Generative AI monitoring for organizations at various stages of their cloud journey.

Back to the basics with hybrid infrastructure monitoring
Presented by Beth Winters and Gus Emery

In this demo, you’ll discover how applications and infrastructure, this enables your team to quickly and seamlessly discover any resources and services wherever they might be deployed. We’ll expand by showing how you can correlate the performance of key IT infrastructure and applications with the KPIs that are relevant to your business. We’ll also show how, with automatic log correlation, you can quickly troubleshoot problems that LogicMonitor finds.

Manage cloud with cost optimization
Presented by Ismath Mohideen and Bryan Whitmarsh

In this demo, you’ll learn how you can reduce cloud costs while maintaining performance. Explore multi-cloud billing capabilities and AI-powered recommendations, and access cost savings opportunities beyond the CSP cost management tools.

Cloud-managed network monitoring
Presented by Ismath Mohideen and Patrick Rouse

In this demo, you’ll see how LogicMonitor leads the way in monitoring cloud managed networking—from ongoing awareness to insights that drive troubleshooting.

Sneak peak AI demo
Presented by Beth Winters and Serge Marokhovsky

In this demo, we’ll explain how IT Operations teams can leverage LogicMonitor’s AI features to correlate alerts across different domains, including Security and APM tools to dramatically consolidate incident tickets and summarize issues in plain English, fast-tracking MTTR and empowering Level 1 support to determine root cause without going up the escalation chain.


Accelerate to UIv4
Presented by LogicMonitor’s Product Team

LogicMonitor’s user interface update is much more than cosmetic (but it looks pretty nice too!) In this demo session, we will focus on use cases that the new UI unlocks, from resource exploration to administration. Whether you are a LogicMonitor customer or are curious about LogicMonitor, this session is for you.

Comprehensive hybrid monitoring
Presented by LogicMonitor’s Product Team

Getting visibility into your your hybrid environment is easy and effective with LogicMonitor. In this walkthrough, we will show how to set up monitoring, identify potential problems in your environment, and troubleshoot issues that LogicMonitor surfaces. This is a great “how-to” overview of LogicMonitor.

Monitor and troubleshoot hybrid networks
Presented by LogicMonitor’s Product Team

Between core networking, wireless LANs, campus networks, and SD-WANs, getting complete visibility to the network is nearly impossible. In this walkthrough, we’ll show you how LogicMonitor brings together your network’s metrics and logs to facilitate triage, troubleshooting, and root cause analysis.

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